The Artists Haven:

Q: What is the artists haven?

A: Encapsulate Studio.


At encapsulate studio, you can explore your creative side with a multitude of different outlets. From photography, videography, acting, yoga, painting to everything in between. In these tough times, well, not as tough as much since lockdown is over and COVID-19 has gotten to be more manageable for the human race (took long enough!) these last few months, the artist needs a place to go to create.


Creatives have hosted their own acting workshops. Actors have shot their own personal movies. Models have taken drop dead gorgeous photographs. Yoga instructors have found an affordable place to host their beginning yoga careers. And this is just to name a few.


When here, you’ll notice that it’s not just all business, because lets face it, you really do need to take a breath in the middle of your photo shoot. Walk to the beach after a heavy acting session. Or just relax upstairs on the couch after being drained of every ounce of creative juice from the day.



Photo by © Korto Photography


As an artist, making the financial side of things more balanced is truly a grind. Too much time dedicated to the money job takes away from time you should be dedicating to your craft. With that said, we don’t nickel and dime you for everything like other studios would. Everything you see in the photographs on the site is all at your disposal for the hourly rate of $40 per hour.


This is the Artists/photography student/photographers/actors/painters/directors/producers/yoga instructors/models/friends/entourages haven.


This is Encapsulate Studio for creation. This is the artist’s haven.


“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

- Thomas Merton