Backdrop Options


We often get questions about the backdrops we offer. What colors do you have? What sizes are they? How easy are they to use? In this post, we will share with you information about the backdrops we offer and just how easy they are to use for a beginning novice with backdrops or a 20 year veteran photographer.


At Encapsulate Studio we have backdrops in two sizes: 7 feet wide and 54 inch wide. In the photo below you can see that 54 inch backdrops are great for individual portraits and headshots. While the 7 foot ones will allow you to shoot a group of people, the amount of people will depend on how active of an imagination you have!


The most important and frequently asked question is: What color backdrops do you have?

Answer ONE: We have white, black, red and green 7 footers.

Answer TWO: We have gray, yellow, blue and sand 54 inchers.

We make sure that you always have these colors available. If you need some other color, you can always bring it with you and we will help with the installation or message us and we will consider expanding our color palette.



Our 7 foot backdrops installed on the wall mounts and ready to use upon your arrival. Simply unroll whichever one you need. It makes switching between the sets very easy and a lot less time consuming. For the 54 inch backdrops we have a C-stand which can be setup in as easy as 1 2 3, just a couple minutes setup time.

In order to prevent the backdrops from rolling back, you can use the tape provided to secure them on the floor for the 7 footers and use tape again and clamps for the 54 inchers.

So, anyone looking for a photography studio for their next project, come stop by Encapsulate and make your dreams come true!